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A leading manufacturer of WPC doors, sheets, and WPC digital doors. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we craft superior WPC doors using a combination of wood fibres and recycled plastic materials, ensuring durability, resistance to environmental factors, and an appealing aesthetic. Our versatile WPC sheets find applications in wall cladding, furniture, and cabinetry, offering a sustainable solution for interior and exterior design needs. At Maica, we embrace innovation by integrating cutting-edge technology into our WPC digital doors, incorporating features like touch screen locks and touch panels.


Quality is our priority, and we strive to exceed customer expectations through personalized customization options. With a strong focus on sustainability, we employ eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Choose Maica from exceptional WPC products that combine quality, innovation, and reliability.

I n n o v a t i o n

MAICA: Where Innovation Meets Excellence in WPC Solutions


Our Manufacturing

We follow a meticulous and efficient manufacturing process to produce exceptional WPC doors. We begin by sourcing the finest wood fibres and recycled plastic materials from trusted suppliers. These materials are carefully blended and moulded various door components using state-of-the-art machinery and precision moulds.

• Source the finest wood fibres and recycled plastic materials.

• Blend and mould the materials into various door components.

• Customization options available in size, design, and finish.

• Invest in research and development for continuous improvement.


Why We Are Best

WPC Doors are Highly Durable and resistant to warping, cracking, and rotting, ensuring, long-lasting performance.

Moisture Resistance
WPC Doors are moisture-resistant, making them suitable for high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Low Maintenance
WPC Doors require minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for regular painting, staining or sealing.

Environmental Friendly
WPC Doors are made from a blend of wood fibers and recycled plastic materials, contributing to sustainable practices and reducing reliance on natural resources.

WPC Doors come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and finishes offering flexibility and customization options to suit various interior styles.

Easy Installation
WPC Doors are lightweight and easy to install, saving time and effort during the installation process.


Chetan Chavhan


Chetan Chavhan, The owner of Maica Plastiwood Pvt Ltd in Indore, has over 8 years of experience. Maica Plastiwood was founded on July 2, 2020. Our product range include WPC doors , PVC sheets , WPC door frames, WPC wall panelling, kitchen cabinet compartments.

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